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Sandblasting equipment

Advanced Stone has been a supplier of equipment, technology and training to the monumental industry since the mason first put down his chisel and picked up a mouse nearly 30 years ago. With the never ending advances in computer technology Advanced Stone is committed to bringing the latest ‘best of breed’ technologies to its customers as soon as they are commercially available.

Because of our vast experience in the field, and the lessons we have learnt, we believe we can offer you expertise to assist in you in making your lettercutting and blasting easier, quicker and more cost efficient whilst ensuring a high quality result.

To this end we offer guidance in the following areas:

  • Use of stencil and protective masking tapes
  • Inscription and design service
  • Selecting and setting up a computer cutting system
  • Upgrades to existing hardware
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Cutters and plotters
  • Fonts, designs and clipart
  • Blasting equipment,abrasives, spares and service
  • Adhesives, sealants and fillers
  • Trade tools and accessories

StoneBlast Products

To ensure your whole process works to it’s optimum level, we recommend the StoneBlast range of products. StoneBlast have put together their range after taking into account technological changes and user requirements, such as ease of use, cost effectiveness, flexibility and of course, a desired high quality end result. Their products have all been stringently tested in a wide variety of working environments and can be used with the greatest of confidence by the whole industry, from the largest company to the self employed craftsman.

SB2001 Stencil Tape

The SB2001 developed specifically for the Stone Mason Trade, and in conjunction with Advanced Stone, offers new levels of blasting performance giving you outstanding results combined with ease of use and improved efficiencies.

  • Clean and precise cutting for easy weeding, across a wide temperature range, dramatically reduces preparation time.
  • Release liner removes easily from the stencil, making application a breeze.
  • The special adhesive system will even stick to sawn surfaces. The smallest designs and centres stay put, greatly reducing chances of damage.
  • It’s sandblasting resistance is exceptional and has been tested with very coarse garnet sand at 120 psi for long periods, showing little sign of wear and tear.
  • It’s most attractive feature is its clean removal without breaking or the need for scraping. This substantially reduces cleaning time and wastage of gold leaf.
  • SB2001 comes in a variety of widths, with or without sprocket holes to suit your needs. If you have a non standard machine, please call to discuss your requirements as other formats can be obtained.

SB3100 Cloth Protection Tape

This heavy duty polycoated cloth tape is ideal for masking up areas other than those covered by the stencil. Simple to use, with a strong adhesive, it can be cut ot hand torn in both directions and removes easily.

SB3200 PVC Protection Tape

Although lighter in gauge than the SB3100 it has many advantages. It can be written on clearly, cuts cleanly and because of it’s special adhesive system, it is designed to remove cleanly. To gain extra blast resistance two or more layers can be applied, and because of its economical price it is ideal for masking up the outer perimeters of the stone.

StoneBlast Cleaning Blocks

A new way of solving an old problem. Serving the same purpose as cuttlefish or pumice stone, this cleaning block does not create any dust, therefore giving the advantage of cleaning any excess paint or residue before gilding. This minimizes wastage of gold leaf and increases efficiency.

StoneBlast Gilding Brushes

Soft bristled and available in different sizes for a high quality finish.

Advanced Stone offer advice on how to make best use of the StoneBlast range in your business. Full details of all available products, sizes, prices etc are listed on the StoneBlast Supplies Price List and Order Form and are available upon request.

For any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.