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Headstone Shapes

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Choosing a headstone

Advanced Stone has been providing headstones to Melbourne cemeteries for 30 years and can help you create the perfect memorial for your loved one.

Generally cut from 75mm thick slabs of granite, a headstone can be produced in virtually any shape or design imaginable. Though most are cut from a single piece of granite, those composed of two or more pieces can be designed using a combination of granites creating a distinctly unique memorial.

When choosing a headstone shape it is important to consider the headstone wording that it is to carry and the amount of text and graphics per inscription. For example; wing shapes have been traditionally been used for 2 person plots, allowing for individual headstone wording and inscriptions on each wing.

Once a shape has been chosen, a choice of finish is needed. Of the variety that is available, the most common is completely polished on all faces. Other finishes include a raw sawn and unpolished look or a rough cut (chipped) look on the sides and back, any combination is acceptable however inscriptions render best on polished surfaces.

Illustrated below are over 60 shapes that have, over the years, formed the basis for which all other designs have been produced from.

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Basic Headstone Shapes

Basic headstone shapes

Freeform Headstone Shapes

Freeform headstone shapes

Cut Headstone Shapes

Cut headstone shapes

2 piece headstone shapes

3 piece headstone shapes

Wing Headstone Shapes

Wing headstone shapes

Cross Combination Headstone Shapes

Cross combination headstone shapes