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Novelties, awards & other products

A tiger etched in granite - Click to enlarge

Unique awards and trophies

Granite provides a unique solution for awards, plaques and trophies. When you require an award that is attractive and durable, nothing compares to the natural and everlasting beauty of a stone design.

Advanced Stone applies specialised techniques such as sandblasting and photo-etching to create a multitude of images and text inscriptions into the face of stone.

Designs can incorporate the fusion of stone, glass and metals to create awards and trophies that are uniquely individual, durable and beautiful to look at as well as touch.

Multiple designs to choose from

We have developed a range of trophy designs, created from any of the granites in our range which can be presented with or without a base or in any combination of base and top.

Advanced Stone can also assist you with the design and creation of a custom award that provides the recipient the recognition they deserve.

Our handpicked stones and carefully designed inscriptions create awards and trophies suitable for presentation at any sporting or corporate occasion. They will be appreciated and admired for years.