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Headstone Inscriptions | Gravestone Inscriptions

The lettering design on a headstone is called an inscription. There is an art and specialized skill involved in making it correctly. Gravestone inscriptions are permanent and there is little room for error. Advanced Stone has vast experience in assisting you with a personalised inscription for your loved one. The work typically has to be completed quickly and on time. It must also be perfect in order to pay proper tribute to your loved one.

The process of weeding

Gravestone inscriptions come in a various fonts and styles and can be tailored for each head stone, and cater for more than one burial. In addition, there is an emotional factor that goes into the inscription. The person organising the inscription is normally representing the family and needs to have the task done correctly under difficult circumstances. Advanced Stone has vast experience in making this easier and will ensure that the work carried out is done tastefully, an artistic tribute to your loved one. People viewing the gravestone inscriptions are usually burdened with grief, the work needs to be perfect, a beautiful and artistic tribute.

Before any work takes place, all gravestone inscriptions go through a design and approval process. Type face, styling, and message are reviewed multiple times to ensure the work is done right the first time.

Creating an inscription is a real art form; it is most important that the layout is set out and spaced to suit any headstone stone plaques or gravestones creating the exact balance.

Advanced Stone ensures all gravestone and tombstone inscriptions have the right font the exact sizing, kerning and layout on all headstones gravestones and stone plaques.

Advanced Stone inscribes all inscriptions to the perfect depth, ensuring the gold leaf has the perfect reflection. We use 23crt gold quality leaf, and can also inscribe any inscription in any colour. All inscriptions are resistant to the harshest conditions.

Advanced Stone has a complete gravestone inscription service catering to all languages and denominations.

Our artwork department will sit with you one on one designing your inscription resulting in your exact requirements.

A headstone ready for sandblasting
Sandblasting the inscription

Headstone inscriptions are a special part of what we do here at Advanced Stone. Stone inscriptions in general are an art. Headstone inscriptions are little more special because they memorialize a loved one. When inscription is done in an appropriate style with attention to detail, the headstone becomes a lasting memorial; a tribute that will tell the deceased’s story for generations to come. We have a lot of options when it comes to headstone inscriptions.

From a variety of typefaces, to full flexibility with layout, to completely customized wording, each of our tombstone inscriptions is a unique work of art. For a lasting, beautiful consider gold inscriptions done in brilliant 23 crt gold. Our entire team from our designers to our stonemasons are dedicated quality and accuracy.

We work with the highest levels of respect for the deceased and the family left behind. We provide headstone inscriptions on short notice, since we understand that there is often little time to plan for the passing of a loved one.