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Base styles

Decide on a Monument Base Style

There are three basic styles for a single and double monument's base. Those being:

  • Chiptop
  • Solid
  • Waterproof

Though the differences between them are subtle, they can appear quiet dramatic when the right choices of finish and selection of granites are made.

Variations of the bases range from a simple tapered treatment to the slab stone to the subsequent additions of rounds to it's corner edges, resulting in a full round base where each adjacent face is joined by a radius.

Standard base variations

Front stone options

Frontstone treatments add another level of individuality to a bases appearance. From the simple addition of a name splay to the front of the slab or upper edge of the frontstone to the addition of a lockable enclosure with side or centre stepbacks, the frontstone has the ability to make a memorial distinct.

Waterprrof Front Stone Options